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Can I Get Braces Only on My Top Teeth? How Much Will It Cost?

When considering your options for enhancing your smile, you may wonder, “Can I get braces only on my top teeth?” The answer varies from person to person and it is difficult to know if you are a candidate without a thorough exam. 

Scheduling a complimentary consultation is the first step on your journey toward total orthodontic health. We are committed to your health and we will work with you to find the best option for improving your smile. 

Should You Get Braces on Just Top or Bottom Teeth?

Applying braces only to the top or bottom teeth is often referred to as single arch treatment. Receiving single arch treatment reduces some orthodontic costs, but since braces require detailed wiring to move your tooth structures, patients typically pay more than half of what regular braces cost.

If you are only seeking braces for your top teeth, you should expect only to correct a few cosmetic and minor bite issues. For some patients, single-arch treatment provides for all of their orthodontic needs, but more often, patients require extra help from bottom braces to align their bite and treat more advanced orthodontic issues.

Below, we explain some of the signs for when and when not to undergo single arch treatment. 

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When to Get Single Arch Treatment

  • Single arch treatment may be an option when the patient seeks only aesthetic changes for their teeth and is unconcerned with bite issues.
  • Dr. Koen may recommend single arch treatment when the patient’s mouth contains only minor bite issues.
  • When only minor gapping or spacing occurs in the patient’s teeth

When Not To Get Single Arch Treatment

It’s important to remember that making a change to your top teeth affects your bottom teeth, and often these changes require additional orthodontic treatments. 

Single-arch works primarily for cosmetic improvements and minor bite issues. The treatment should not be used to rectify orthodontic issues such as overbites or underbites. At Koen Orthodontics, we work to upgrade each patient’s one-of-a-kind smile, finding solutions that benefit the health and beauty of your teeth. 

Want to See if Single Arch Orthodontic Treatment is Right for You?

Every smile needs a unique treatment method to help realize its full potential. While single arch braces make sense for some people, they are not a one-size-fits all solution. 

Our warm, caring, and highly qualified health care professionals provide quality service and communication, providing our patients with lasting smiles. Schedule an appointment now to learn more about our commitment to helping you achieve your best smile.