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What to Expect At Your First Orthodontist Appointment

Scheduling your first orthodontist appointment is the first step toward improving your smile. 

However, it is completely normal to have questions like “what does the orthodontist do on the first appointment” or “will I get braces on my first orthodontist appointment.” At Koen Orthodontics, we encourage patients to ask questions because we believe orthodontics is a team effort between patients, doctors, and staff! 

Learn more about what to expect at your first orthodontic appointment and what sets Koen Orthodontics apart as a leader in the area. 

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Koen Orthodontics today!

Can You Get Braces At Your First Appointment?

Usually, patients who are eligible for braces can receive them during their first appointment. Additionally, patients who are eligible for Invisalign can get their teeth scanned and plan their treatment at the first appointment. That said, you will need an initial exam before we can recommend a treatment option for you. Your initial exam will help us determine your needs and create a customized treatment plan.

We offer many types of treatment at Koen Orthodontics. No matter what options you need, we have the best ones for your smile goals.

What Happens At Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

We are passionate about providing every patient with a lasting and healthy smile. The purpose of your first appointment is to allow us to meet you and see if an orthodontic treatment plan makes sense.

One-on-one care is an essential part of how we run our practice. As the region’s premier orthodontist, Koen Orthodontics provides above-and-beyond orthodontic care. It’s why we treat every patient with the dignity, respect, and appreciation they deserve.

Here’s what you can expect during your first appointment:

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Upon visiting our Hendersonville or Cookeville location, we will ensure you receive the utmost attention and care. Every trip to our relaxing offices prioritizes your comfort and ease!

Paperwork and History

Before coming in to see us, fill out the new patient forms. Your paperwork brings us up to speed on your dental history, which will let us know how to serve you best.

Exam and Diagnostics

You will receive an oral examination with Dr. Koen. This exam will include a visual inspection and the use of diagnostic technology like digital photography and x-rays. Orthodontic problems — which can stem from genetic and environmental factors — must be properly diagnosed before treatment begins. 

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Dr. Koen will analyze the information from your exam and talk with you about your goals. We will talk to you about the clinical, financial, and procedural aspects of your treatment. Then, we will use this information to determine the best course of action.



Treatment Cost

Everyone has different needs for their teeth. Our treatment coordinators are familiar with most insurance policies out there and can advise you on your next steps. We also offer flexible financing with Orthobanc payment plans to help you lock in a comfortable monthly payment. 


At Koen Orthodontics, we love taking the time to answer any — and all — of your questions. That’s why we have a completely transparent relationship between our patients, parents, and referring doctors. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with any necessary information about your treatment.

Book Follow-Up Appointment

Once you’ve finished your complimentary consultation, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for you! At this appointment, you will begin your treatment. Expect to check in every 6-10 weeks for a fresh evaluation of your treatment.

Serving the Hendersonville and Cookeville Areas With Five-Star Orthodontic Care

Your complimentary consultation will last about an hour. Our team is dedicated and passionate about giving people glowing smiles. After completing your pain-free exam, we will have a better sense of your unique needs.

No matter where you are in life, it’s always the right time to start enjoying a straighter smile. We have helped people from all walks of life get the smile they’ve always wanted. Get started now with your complimentary consultation!

We are excited at the opportunity to provide orthodontic care for you and your family! If you have more questions about what to expect at your first orthodontist appointment, contact our office at (615) 824-5636.

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