Common Orthodontic Questions

Can the fee for Orthodontic Treatment be ļ¬nanced?

Yes, there are several different payment options.

How much do braces cost?

Every mouth is different, so there is no standard fee. The doctor needs to do
an exam and evaluate each individual.

Does the doctor really run on time?

Yes, with cooperation from patients (i.e. taking care of equipment, being on
time, good brushing)

Does Orthodontic Treatment hurt?

Sometimes there’s a little discomfort after adjustments, usually Tylenol or Advil is all it takes
to remedy any discomfort.

Why do you need braces if your teeth are straight, but bite is off?

Orthodontics isn’t just for pretty teeth. A good, healthy bite helps
eliminate other health problems in later years. It also helps save teeth
from wearing.

How much longer do I have until I get my braces off?

We let our patients know their estimated length of treatment and if they miss or reschedule appointments, fail to wear elastics, or do not cooperate, treatment will take longer then estimated.

How long do I have to wear my retainers?

For the six months, you need to wear them 24 hours a day, and then at night time
for life. It depends on your individual treatment and the difficulty in holding
the teeth in your corrected position.

What is a bite plate for?

A bite plate lifts your front top teeth up so that you do not knock off any
of your lower brackets.

Can the fee for Orthodontic Treatment be financed?

Yes, there are several different payment options.

Do I continue to see my dentist for regular visits during Orthodontic Treatment?