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How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces?

Recent innovations in braces and aligner technology have improved the treatment experience. Yet, many patients want to know how long it takes for braces to work. This is a complicated answer because every patient is unique and needs a plan that matches their goals. 

The most common factors to consider for braces treatment duration are:

Complexity of your case: Your orthodontic case will be the main factor in determining how long you’ll need to wear braces. Mild or moderate adjustment cases can usually be treated more quickly than severe realignment cases, which might require extra care.

Type of braces used: There are many treatment options available. From traditional metal braces to Invisalign. Each treatment option works a little differently and can play a role in how long your treatment lasts.

Compliance with treatment plan: It is essential to practice proper hygiene, follow procedures as directed, and schedule regular check-in appointments during treatment. Complying with your treatment plan will keep you on schedule. Failure to follow through with your plan can extend your treatment process longer.

Age: Treating adolescents can differ from treating adults because teeth and gums shift over time. Your age could determine your oral health, the complexity of your case, and your compliance with treatment.

How Long Does it Take for Braces to Work?

Before starting treatment, many of our patients ask us questions like “how long are braces usually on?” The answer depends on your unique needs. On average, patients with mild cases will wear braces from one to two years. Patients with more severe cases may wear braces for up to three years.

During your first appointment, one of our specialists will gather information about your smile. This includes examining your bite, taking X-rays and digital photos, and creating a digital model of your teeth. 

This examination process gives us a better idea of your current condition and how long it might take to correct it. Remember that your compliance with the treatment plan and other mitigating factors can affect your estimated timeline.

Braces Treatment Time by Type

There are so many recent breakthroughs in treatment for correcting your smile. Each type is a little different and can have varying treatment lengths. The status of your teeth will help determine which type of braces are best for you.

Close-up picture of happy woman's smile with orthodontic clear braces

Traditional Metal Braces

Victory Series™ Metal Braces are very effective in treating moderate to severe cases. Metal braces use brackets, archwires, and elastic bands to shift your teeth into position. Because the braces are always on your teeth, they can give patients excellent results in one to three years.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clarity™ Clear Ceramic Braces also use brackets, archwires, and elastic bands. The clear ceramic brackets blend into your teeth, making them less visible than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign and Other Clear Aligners

Clear aligners like Invisalign use removable plastic trays that are changed every few weeks to help move your teeth into place. You can remove the trays to eat and brush, but you must wear them at all other times. Mild cases of crowding or spacing may take six months to one year to correct. Not wearing aligners as instructed can lengthen your treatment time. Clear aligners may not be appropriate for people with complex cases.

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