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Can I Get My Braces Off Early?

Everyone with braces waits for the day they finally get removed, and their beautiful new smile is revealed. For some, that day can’t come soon enough! If you have taken on the commitment to caring for your braces, practicing good hygiene, and following Dr. Koen’s instructions, you may wonder, “Can I get my braces off early?” or “What happens if I take my braces off early?”

We understand the urge to take your braces off but removing them early is not usually recommended. Let’s look at how long treatment times typically last and ways you can ensure you get your braces taken off on time.

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How Long Are Braces Typically Worn?

The American Association of Orthodontists reports that the average orthodontic treatment lasts anywhere between 18 and 24 months. Every patient has different needs, which can make treatment time shorter or longer than average. Some factors Dr. Koen considers when estimating treatment time include:

Severity of the case: Patients with more complex issues may need to wear braces longer than those with less severe cases. 

Age: The treatment process may go faster for children or teens than for adults because younger patients’ teeth and bones are not set and are often easier to move. 

Compliance with treatment: Patients who take good care of their braces, avoid hard or chewy foods, and schedule regular check-in appointments with Dr. Koen will help you stay on schedule and not have to prolong treatment.

At Koen Orthodontics, we want the best for all our patients. When you schedule a complimentary consultation, Dr. Koen will thoroughly examine your teeth and discuss your treatment options, including estimated time and cost.

Can You Have Braces Taken Off Early?

Patients often ask if there is anything they can do to get their braces off early. Shifting your teeth into the desired position takes time, and we cannot rush that process. Adjusting your teeth too quickly or removing your braces before your teeth have completely moved can result in:

  • Incorrect teeth positioning
  • Dental issues, such as cavities and tooth decay
  • Additional orthodontic treatment to resolve the issue
  • Wasting time and money


How to Ensure You Get Your Braces Off on Time

There are many ways you can ensure your treatment process is as quick and efficient as possible, including:

  • Staying diligent with your oral hygiene.
  • Avoiding hard and sticky foods.
  • Complying with Dr. Koen’s guidelines.
  • Properly wearing all orthodontic equipment, including rubber bands and retainers.
  • Showing up for your scheduled check-in appointments.

Taking these steps will help you stay right on time with your treatment plan! At your check-in appointments, Dr. Koen will assess your progress and provide updates on your timeline.

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