Are There Orthodontist Appointments After Braces?

A girl smiling and holding a clear aligner.

How Often Do You Go to The Orthodontist After Braces

The day your braces come off is a time to celebrate! That beautiful, healthy smile you’ve worked so hard to get is finally ready to shine. The next step is to ensure that your teeth stay in their new position for the rest of your life. You can help make this happen by wearing your retainer and continuing to visit Dr. Koen so he can monitor the long-term success of your smile.

 Following a proper plan for post-braces treatment will prevent your teeth from going back to their old positions. The number of follow-ups required will depend on your specific situation and treatment plan. Keep reading to learn what you’ll need to do during this stage – and why it’s important.

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The Importance of Retainers in Post-Braces Treatment

The braces phase of your orthodontic care is when the major remodeling happens. Now it’s time for the retention stage. Retainers hold the new position of your teeth until the ligaments and bones stabilize. Wearing your retainer as instructed will prevent your teeth from moving back to where they were before your braces.

Your retainer is custom-made for your teeth. You can remove the retainers, but only do so when you brush your teeth or eat. Wearing your retainers round-the-clock for the first few months after your braces come off is essential to holding your teeth in place. Dr. Koen will assess your smile and let you know when to transition to only wearing your retainer at night.

Cleaning your retainers with a toothbrush and keeping them in their case will ensure you only need to buy one set. Retainers can be expensive, so properly caring for them is essential.

How Frequent Are Orthodontic Appointments After Braces?

Dr. Koen is committed to the lifelong health of your smile. He will work with you after your braces come off to ensure your teeth hold in their new position. Everyone’s treatment plan and progress is different, but most patients need a couple of appointments at 6-month intervals following removal. Others may even require a check-up or two in the second year after removal. 

It’s important to bring your retainers to these follow-up appointments so our staff can check that they fit well and are in good condition. If you must reschedule a check-in appointment, you should reschedule as quickly as possible. Staying consistent with these appointments is crucial to the long-term effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment. 

A girl smiling and holding a clear aligner.

Learn More About Orthodontic Care After Braces

You did so much hard work maintaining your braces and the results are perfect! Make sure all that progress doesn’t go to waste. Wearing your retainer and visiting Dr. Koen for check-up visits is essential to keep your new smile healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

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