Types of Braces

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Getting braces isn’t what it used to be. Today’s options range from colorfully cool, to nearly invisible. The choice is yours and you don’t have to come up with the answers alone. Your orthodontist is an expert in helping you find your perfect match. So set up a time to talk about your options. Until then, here’s a quick overview of the different types of braces available today.

Ceramic Braces (Clear)

Clear braces are a popular choice for teens who want to make a lasting impression and adults who want to make a less noticeable statement during treatment.

Clarity AdvancedCeramic Braces (Clear)
Clarity™ Ceramic Braces work like metal braces, only better! They blend in with your teeth for a great look. They are a perfect combination of strength and beauty.


  • Translucent, designed to blend in with your teeth
  • Small and smooth for your comfort
  • Smile all you want, there’s no staining
  • Clarity braces are trusted and used by orthodontists worldwide
  • More than 1 million patients have been treated with Clarity braces

AlastikcolorsAlastiK™ Easy-To-Tie Ligatures
3M Unitek’s AlastiK Easy-To-Tie Ligatures are latex-free and are designed for patient comfort during your Orthodontic treatment. Ask your Orthodontist to use AlastiK Easy-To-Tie Ligatures today!

Visit PaintYourSmile.com to see what you look like with braces and colorful AlastiK Easy-To-Tie Ligatures.

Self-Ligating Braces (No Rubber bands)

Standard braces use tiny elastic bands to hold the wire onto your braces. Advancements in technology now bring self-ligating braces onto the scene. Instead of rubber bands, 3M™ Self-Ligating Braces use a unique clip to hold the wire in place. So your teeth stay cleaner and you can spend less time in your orthodontist’s chair.
pic-smart-clip-bracesSmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Braces
The SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Braces technology eliminates the need for elastic bands. Instead, an innovative clip system does the trick. That’s a big change for the better when it comes to your smile.


  • Smaller SmartClip™ braces move teeth more quickly
  • Smooth, contoured surfaces offer a more comfortable fit
  • Self-ligating design keeps orthodontist appointments to a minimum
  • Without elastic bands, braces are easier to keep clean

pic-clarity-bracesClarity™ SL Self-Ligating Braces
Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Braces provide all of the benefits of self-ligating braces with the added advantage of translucent ceramic. Clarity Braces blend in with your teeth and provide a smooth, comfortable, and extremely durable fit.

  • Engineered to move your teeth quickly
  • Durable, translucent ceramic blends with your teeth
  • Potential for fewer and faster appointments
  • Allows for easy cleaning and reduces plaque build-up
  • Smooth, molded edges provide added comfort
  • Show off your new braces – they’re hard at work on your smile every second of every day.

Metal Braces (Silver)

Many adults still have painful memories of the big clunky braces from the past. Luckily, times have changed, and so have metal braces. Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before with low profiles and strong adhesives.Tinsel teeth beware: From silver and gold to a rainbow of color, today’s metal braces represent a brave new expression of confidence.

pic-metal-bracesVictory Series™ Metal Braces
Introducing the new standard in braces comfort. Victory Series™ Metal Braces work like traditional full size braces – without the bulk and discomfort.


  • Smaller braces enhance comfort and aesthetics
  • High bond strength provides firm, corrective forces
  • Unique natural curvature provides maximum contact and comfort
  • Smooth finish is easier on the lips and gums
  • Metal braces with colored bands have become a popular new way to decorate teeth

Interested in a clear, more discrete alternative to traditional braces? Check out Invisalign!